February 1, 2013

Animal-friendly Meat . . . yum?

You have to love Twitter. Friends tweeted two items, almost simultaneously, that have a lot in common and yet are very different.

First, I saw this ad, narrated by Elvis Costello, for Linda McCartney's line of vegan food. Obviously animal friendly. The song is called Heart of The Country by Sir Paul hisself.

Then my talented friend, Andrew Hazelden, who shares an interest in 3D printing, sent me this story of a US company, Modern Meadow, that has technology to make meat with a bio-printer. Also, I assume from first look, animal friendly.

Modern Meadow aims to print raw meat using bioprinter

So, if you like meat but not the way animals are raised and slaughtered, then there might one day soon be an option. But is it one that we want? Is it ethical?

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